Statewide Public Hearings on the Future of the Labor Center

When University of Iowa administrators threatened to close the UI Labor  Center, Iowans immediately began speaking up to save it. Because university leaders took NO INPUT from faculty, students, workers, or community members  prior to announcing their decision, a statewide coalition came together to form Save Our Labor Center.

Between August 14, 2018, and September 10, 2018, Save Our Labor Center held hearings in seven locations across the state of Iowa in order to gather public input. 

Over 600 Iowans attended and over 150 speakers or panelists shared information on their experiences with the Labor Center or their assessment of its impact. Coalition members delivered a report on the hearings to the Iowa Board of Regents at its Sept. 13, 2018 meeting.

Visit our NEWS page to see media coverage of the public hearings, or click here to access the report on the public hearings!

read report on public hearings

report on public hearings

Read the Public Hearing Report! (pdf)



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Public hearings sponsored by the Save Our Labor Center coalition, including the Iowa Federation of Labor AFL-CIO, Iowa State Education Association, UI and UNI chapters of American Association of University Professors, Iowans for Public Education, Iowa State Building and Construction Trades Council, Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa, Iowa Professional Firefighters, Teamsters Local 238, Iowa League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), Davenport Diocese Office of Social Action and Catholic Charities, and thousands of concerned Iowans.